Thursday, May 06, 2010

GCI Enterprises, Sansui Technologies - Recruitment Scam Companies. Take Care!

Scamsters always look for weak targets to trap and defraud them. Job seekers as a community, suffers from eagerness to land a better job with better pay. It’s a very large community to boot with lakhs of people on the look out, every day, to switch jobs. Fake recruiters are having a ball right now, dangling plump offers and hooking hundreds!

Its most unfortunate that people who apply for jobs expecting a larger bank balance, find their hard earned savings diminished, instead. Last 3 months have seen hectic activity in the cyberspace by so called companies “GCI Enterprises” and “Sansui Technologies”.

While “GCI Enterprises” is most likely a newly coined name, fraudsters behind “Sansui Technologies” are impersonating the electronics company Sansui. The Modus Operandi is similar. Send out mass mails asking recipient to apply for job with fancy salaries. Once you reply, you will get response that you have bean selected and need to attend for interview and a certain fee is to be transferred to designated company account.

There are phone numbers to call and people to answer. But if smart guys ask probing questions, like where the office address is and whether a relative can come and handover cheque, the call will be disconnected. There are no jobs for troublesome guys here!

You may wonder whether there could be people in reality, to fall for this type of scams. How could any one get job offer without applying? And why should anyone pay charges to attend interview? Well..these are valid, legitimate questions but raised with the knowledge of the background….that of fraud.

However, a small percentage of people who are unaware of the fraud, could consider the offers as genuine. The concept behind the scam is that people whose profile do not match the job offered will consider the mail as a matter of mistaken identity and ignore. Those who match the profile would ALSO consider the mail as a matter of mistaken identity but could proceed, internally happy, that the offers have landed in their lap, instead of the persons to whom they were actually intended! Damn lucky!

Its very easy in India to cheat. Open a bank account in some company name with forged papers. Receive payments for 2 or 3 months and then vanish. Considering the mass-market reach, “Sansui Technologies” must be easily getting at least 10 transfers per day. That is a cool Rs.18 Lakhs revenue per month, for the crooks, while cyber cell and other policing departments turn a blind eye to complaints. These “companies” also brazenly publish news paper ads, which shows how easy its to get away with crime, in India.
Incidentally, we may also feel that the Lottery Jackpot mails rarely find victims. Read the story of Ms. Preeti Bala who transferred Rs.18500 and was on the verge of transferring Rs.48,350 more….
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Modi Opens IPL Can of Worms! Will the Allegations Stick to IPL and Modi?

It all started with Shashi Tharoor and his girl friend (Sunada Pushkar) when Modi laid bare Kochi Franchisees Share Holding Pattern. Ms. Pushkar has offered to let go of her seat equity and Tharoor lost his job. Once the Govt. put IT sleuths on Modi’s trail, his detractors who were overawed by the clout he had managed to generate, grabbed the opportunity to hit back, by laying bare his wheeling and dealings.
Its common knowledge that everyone in India looks to make a fast buck under-hand. Including those who level allegations. Neither politicians, taxmen or those from media can claim to be angels. As long as the curtain is down all are happy with “giving and taking”!
Unfortunately, Modi has unwittingly raised the curtain, letting all and sundry to have a ball on the stage! So what are the charges and allegations currently floating around? Here they are, for a quick read!
· Were the Bids for IPL Franchisees rigged in 2008 and the rigging allowed Modi’s relatives to own Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab, both of which were grabbed at very low price compared to other teams?
· Modi’s brother-in-law Suresh Chellaram is the largest stake holder in Rajasthan Royals with whopping 44.15%
· Mohit Burman who co-owns Kings XI Punjab is brother of Modi's stepson-in-law Gaurav Burman
· How did IPL/BCCI’s lucrative contract for digital media distribution to “Live Current Media” go to GCV and eventually ended up with GCV Mauritius which is run by none other than Gaurav Burman!
· How come Akash Aurora, a very close friend of Modi, manage to get a stake in Kings XI Punjab.
· How could Akash Aurora mange to get into “Live Current Media” through his firm Netlinkblue and form GCV?
· How could Modi object to Ms. Sunanda’s presence in Kochi team when he could brush aside allegations of his relatives getting in by statements like “They are all businessmen and they sensed a business opportunity in the IPL.” And “There is no direct link to prove that I have a vested interest in protecting my son-in-law's interests. What can I do if my son-in-law is a director of a company?" Obviously, its all fine if relative involved are that of Mr. Modi?
· Who pocketed the $80Million(~360Crores) commission paid by MSM to WSG after Modi brokered out of court settlement regarding TV and broadcast rights? Did not the money flow back to Modi?
· What were the sources of funds raised by Franchisees? Were they converting slush black money into white? And was IPL a willing partner in crimee?
· Has IPL/BCCI recorded all revenue and paid taxes on that?
· Were IPL contracts under-stated and hefty kick-backs routed to people involved?
· Are various contracts being placed on “friends and relatives” by sharing insider information including leaking of bid amounts
· Were the US$ 1 Billion Net Worth and US$ 100 Million Bank Guarantee conditions for 2010 IPL Team bids, set to blank out other bidders and help Modi’s business friends Adani and Videocon?
· BCCI smelled a rat and diluted the conditions, which resulted in Kochi and Sahara beating Adani and Videocon. While, IPL got higher bids, was Modi bent upon trying to get at least one of Adani or Videocon into the IPL league by pushing out Kochi?
· Did Modi offer US$ 50 Million bribe to Kochi Owners to quit the game?
· Why and how has Bid Documents of Adani & Videocon disappeared?!
· Who are Micheal Dalvi, & Jagdish Chandra Qatil and what is their dealings with Modi? (Rumors are flying thick about huge land deals Rajasthan)
· What is the relation between IPL admin and a BPO outfit with strong underworld links and which is allegedly co-owned by a Pakistan national?
· Is there a Connection between Modi, Mauritius and Kolkatta Fanchisee ?
· Is there any truth in stories of Team owners throwing matches? (Its alleged that up to 300Crore had been offered by bookie syndicates to Team Owners)

View More at: Complaints India – Sport Complaints

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Its Raining Jobs in India. Indian Companies Draw up Big Plans for Hiring in 2010

According to Global consulting firms E&Y & Kelly Services over 5,00,000 jobs are expected to be created in IT, telecom, banking and healthcare in India in 2010 -20111 period.
Health Care- 2.5 Lakh Jobs
IT & ITES – 1.5 Lakh Jobs
Telecom – 1.0 Lakh Jobs
Banking Sector -0.4 Lakh Jobs
Experts expect strong demand of jobs from FMCG, Education, Construction & Industry Sectors
According to a study by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham), manufacturing sector alone is expected to create 28Million new jobs by 2015. So that is great news for all aspiring engineers and technicians!
The (Assocham) report projects manufacturing, textiles, food and beverages, transport equipment, metals, leather and machinery to contribute most to employment generation
Meanwhile, several IT Companies have announced recruitment plans for 2010 according to Employment Consultants “Resumes India
Infosys - To Hire 30,000
TCS - To Hire 30,000
WIPRO - To Hire 7500 Freshers
Accenture - To Hire 8000
Satyam - To Hire 5000
IBM - To Hire 5000
Honeywell - To Hire 1000
(All the above Hiring news released till mid April 2010 by companies are available at: )
With Indian Economy on the upswing and GDP expected to grow by 8.5 to 9%, there will be large job creation. The Indian Employment scene looks bullish and that should bring cheers to jobseekers across the country. Freshers too should get absorbed in large numbers across all educational fields.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

ISRO burns US$75Million as India’s First Satellite Launch Vehicle with Indigenous Cryogenic Engine Disintegrates.

India’s effort to launch Geo Synchronous Launch Vehicle ( GSLV-D 3) with homegrown cryogenic engine, was undone by massive failure of the cryogenic engine. A successful mission would have would taken India into the elite club of space-faring nations comprising the United States, Russia, certain European countries, Japan and China who possess the cryogenic technology

The GSLV flight was to have placed the 2.2 Tonne advanced communication satellite GSAT-4, into Geo Transfer Orbit.
The 49-metre tall three-stage Geo Synchronous Launch Vehicle blasted off at 4.27pm at the end of a 29-hour countdown but minutes later, the cryogenic engine which was to fire and take control from the initial liquid propellant stage, failed to ignite, resulting in mission failure.
The space vehicle tumbled uncontrollably and disintegrated. Obviously, the mission achieved little, except to prove that ISRO has not been able to demonstrate advanced indigenous technologies though millions of dollars of tax payers money is being burned, every year, to support the hugely manned organization.
Within minutes of the historic failure and without even going into the reasons, ISRO had no qualm in claiming that it will be ready to test again within a year. ISRO had invested Rs.330 Crores (Approx US$ 75 Million) on the Project. Its not sure whether this includes the fat pay and allowances of the work force. Obviously, since the tax payers in India seldom ask questions, ISRO need not bother about fund requirement for the next adventure!
Incidentally Chandrayan1, the moon mission, had to be aborted several months in advance and it damaged the country's space exploration program.

“The 100 million U.S. dollar moon mission survived for only 315days. It was scheduled for two years. It's a great loss to India's space explorations. The abandoning of the mission has dashed the country's most ambitious effort in space explorations. It was a major boost to the country's space program, particularly with India competing with Asian nations like China and Japan in this field," said space analyst R.K. Roy.
Contrary to ISRO’s explanation that Chandrayaan's orbit around the moon had been raised from 100km to 200km in May this year for a better view of the moon's surface (sic), it was revealed later that this had to be done because of a miscalculation of the moon's temperature that had led to faulty thermal protection and eventually the satellite could not be saved, and was virtually “fried” in space.

While critics even within ISRO, confirmed that the mission was a huge failure, the then chief of ISRO, Mr Madhavan Nair said it was a great success. “We could collect a large volume of data, including more than 70,000 images of the moon. In that sense, 95 percent of the objective was completed”. No wonder critics wondering how 95% of mission objectives could be completed with mission surviving less than half its intended life!
ISRO had tried to bask in the glory of American payload (moon Impact Probe) on the mission, finding water on Moon, claiming all over the place including the national television that Chandrayan found water on Moon! That was like driver of a truck claiming Nobel Prize since his truck had carried scientific instruments which was used in research.
ISRO can not brush aside failures (example: Loss of INSAT 4C and `strap-on' fire mishap suffered by the GSLV D1), camouflaging them as mere technical hitches. The country needs valid answers for the string failures, which have burned millions of dollars. Govt. of India should not get carried away by the technical jargon mouthed by ISRO. It needs to make ISRO officers accountable for the failures.
Heads need to roll in ISRO.
Article : Citizen Complaints

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Top Internet Frauds & Scams which Trap New Internet Users in India. Report by Complaints-India

There are thousands of websites operating across the world peddling illegal activities camouflaged as legal. The websites offer easy earnings and net users especially newbies fall for the bait. Complaints-India addresses the issue in its recent report.

The problem of new internet users falling prey to scamsters is acute in India since internet user addition is by millions, every year. The new users get trapped by scamsters easily. The scam websites run for few months. They will close down these and open similar websites with new URL, after duping few hundred users.

Its important that internet users get alerted and educated about criminal gangs which come up with schemes defraud them.

Based on user complaints, the major scams that manage to hook new internet users in India are as follows:

-Phishing Scams with Mail appearing to come from Genuine Website
-Fake Employment Offers
-Fake Investment Companies offering High Returns
-Click Ads Scam
-Paid Survey Scam
-Fake Online Home Jobs
-Fake Lottery Jackpot Offer
-Foreign Money Transfer Scam

Phishing Scams with Mail appearing to come from Genuine Website

Email could appear to come from say ICICI Bank asking to verify account. On click user is taken to a webpage looking exactly similar to ICICI website. User is asked to change password, submit mobile number etc . His user Id, password, mobile number etc gets stolen. The criminals then logs into bank account and transfers money. The mail could come from banks, or even Govt departments for example recently Income Tax Dept offering refund
The spammers also send email with “from” as Admin of Email service provider, asking to change password and even change security questions and many new users fall for this.

Fake Employment Offers

Mails offering employment in companies in India or abroad would request resume and other documents for verification. After this, user gets mail to remit fee for further action. Once fee is paid there will be no further communication.

Fake Investment Companies offering High Returns
These companies advertise in classified sections of news papers and in websites offering sky high returns. Users should understand that no legal business can give such returns. The fake companies operates for few months, paying users part money received from new ones. One fine day they simply disappear leaving customers in the lurch . Eg: City Limouzine.
Click Ads Scam
Clicking Ads on website to get paid is a criminal activity and many new users sign up without even knowing that they have become part of a criminal network. The scamsters offer large payments. But users will get tired after few days earning meager amounts. The minimum payout will be kept large. Most users will drop out after few days without getting payout. And that is what these companies want. They are always on the look out for new members.
Paid Survey Scam
Just imagine sitting and typing out forms and seeing few rupees added in your account for a days work. Virtually useless job which people will get fed up and get out in no time. Meanwhile, the scam companies would have surveys filled up and they may get paid by marketing companies. But the people who toil never get paid. The minimum payout will be such that users will get fed up and will stop working after few days.
Fake Online Home Jobs
There are thousands of home job companies which take initial advance from Rs.500 to Rs.5000 for joining. They will then send some crap CD or ask to down load some files and information. Within one or two days users will understand that the work offered is menial mess and is of no use to anyone. In fact the companies are just looking for the advance. After few days no one will respond to mails or calls and the home job dream will come to quick end!
Fake Jackpot Lottery Offer
Its surprising but true that people keep falling for Jackpot winning offers received by mails or SMS. They end up paying advance processing fees and after which the scamsters will be untraceable.
Foreign Money Transfer Scam
Just like in the case of Jackpot offers, many people fall prey to scam mails offering to pay large fee for help in transferring money. The trapped ones end up paying advances couple of times and then the communication channels will go dry.

Here is a selection compiled by of a bunch websites which are reported as fraud sites, by users.
For More Information and user experiences View Report on Internet Frauds & Scams

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Live Bomb in Kingfisher Flight. Dry run by Terrorists?

An explosive device, was found on a Kingfisher Airlines flight on Sunday morning in a major breach of security shortly after it landed in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. The ground staff found the explosive wrapped in a newspaper during a routine check of Kingfisher IT 4731, after its 27 passengers had deplaned.

The Plane had reached Bangalore on Saturday night from Trivandrum and took off to Trivandrum on Sunday morning at 6.30 AMThe Security Agencies are trying to figure out when the Bomb was planted in the flight.

The possibilities are:

- Bomb was Planted in Trivandrum before the Flight Took off to Bangalore on Saturday

- Bomb was Planted in Bangalore before the Flight took off to Trivandrum on Sunday Morning

- Bomb was planted on Sunday Morning after the flight reached Trivandrum to test whether the flight would take off without the bomb being detected.

The fact that this low intensity device has been detected within cargo hold, points to clear and present danger to the air travelers in India. Definitely a terrorist organization is carrying out dry run to check whether and when the bomb would be detected.

They know that Indian Security system reacts only to events and the reaction tapers off within few days. After few weeks or months, they will look to smuggle in real bomb with timers.

Its high time that the Central Govt. puts in places Zero Tolerance Security arrangement at all airports with regard to passenger and cargo checks. There has to be biometric & video recording of all passengers, in-flight-staff, security & cargo staff connected with all flights as suggested by Complaints India, a Consumer Affairs Website.

Its likely that terrorists are in the process of infiltrating into flight staff or security agencies. Recent arrest of an IM operative who had undergone pilot training points to serious plan by terrorists to strike civil aircrafts flying in India.

Indian Government and Security Agencies need to face this truth and stand up to protect innocent travelers, rather than brushing the incident away, as a minor lapse.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adsense Crash. Publishers Lose Money as Google Ad Network Continues to Breakdown

The unsatisfactory performance of Google Adsense Publishing system, the undisputed market leader, has been widely reported from across the world, during last week. The delivery of text, image and video Ads which are served by Google on content network, based on content relevancy has been found to be very erratic. Google seem to be unable to ensure reasonable uptime, if not the expected 100%.

The continuing woes of Google in setting right its Ad publishing system should give competitors like Yahoo, Adbrite, Fastclick etc a crack in the wall, to sneak in. Due to the break down, publishers are losing heavily, since millions of web pages are being visited by internet users with Google Adspace empty.

For enterprising competitors, Google AdSense Crash offers access to publishers who may wish to show Ads from others in space reserved for Google, when it takes the now customary longish naps.

Its observed that the average break down period could be as high as 5 hours per day. According to Cubestat, the average daily earnings from Adsense for a news based site like is US$4250 . A five hour Adsense breakdown translates to loss of US$27,445 per Month for!

Its time publishers woke up to the loss caused to them by Google’s inability to serve Ads, though Ad space is reserved for Google by publishers.

No prizes for guessing when the Google Ad network will go down again! The only thing that Google Adsense Publishers claim as consistent, is Google’s inconsistency!

“Complaints India” has carried out check on couple of active Google Ad publishers, to see how web pages look when the Google Ad Network breaks down, which off course is quite often!

On 13.March.2010, Google Adsense inventory, disappeared altogether from millions of websites at around 5.00 PM IST. The Ads returned at around 8.30 PM IST, after a 3.5 hour long nap!

View More with Screenshots of web pages without the usual Google ads at:

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