Monday, March 22, 2010

Live Bomb in Kingfisher Flight. Dry run by Terrorists?

An explosive device, was found on a Kingfisher Airlines flight on Sunday morning in a major breach of security shortly after it landed in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. The ground staff found the explosive wrapped in a newspaper during a routine check of Kingfisher IT 4731, after its 27 passengers had deplaned.

The Plane had reached Bangalore on Saturday night from Trivandrum and took off to Trivandrum on Sunday morning at 6.30 AMThe Security Agencies are trying to figure out when the Bomb was planted in the flight.

The possibilities are:

- Bomb was Planted in Trivandrum before the Flight Took off to Bangalore on Saturday

- Bomb was Planted in Bangalore before the Flight took off to Trivandrum on Sunday Morning

- Bomb was planted on Sunday Morning after the flight reached Trivandrum to test whether the flight would take off without the bomb being detected.

The fact that this low intensity device has been detected within cargo hold, points to clear and present danger to the air travelers in India. Definitely a terrorist organization is carrying out dry run to check whether and when the bomb would be detected.

They know that Indian Security system reacts only to events and the reaction tapers off within few days. After few weeks or months, they will look to smuggle in real bomb with timers.

Its high time that the Central Govt. puts in places Zero Tolerance Security arrangement at all airports with regard to passenger and cargo checks. There has to be biometric & video recording of all passengers, in-flight-staff, security & cargo staff connected with all flights as suggested by Complaints India, a Consumer Affairs Website.

Its likely that terrorists are in the process of infiltrating into flight staff or security agencies. Recent arrest of an IM operative who had undergone pilot training points to serious plan by terrorists to strike civil aircrafts flying in India.

Indian Government and Security Agencies need to face this truth and stand up to protect innocent travelers, rather than brushing the incident away, as a minor lapse.

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